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Yoga at Home

How attuned, connected and kind we are to our body effects the way we percieve the world, how we treat ourselves, and how we treat eachother

Enrich by Olivia

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About Me

Hi, my name is Olivia, I have been drawn towards the healing arts my whole life.  Beginning as a little one I was intrigued by the energy healer who we would often visit in my hometown of Te Aroha.  Fascinated by the minor surgeries the local vet would perform on our cows.  And as I grew I took to work, mending little sparrows taken in the jaws of the cat, massaging family and playing with energy work on my dog.

My real work began after completion of a Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage.  This lead me around the world where I continued to fan the flame of my curiosity through study and experience in Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Qi Gong, Thai Massage and Myofascial Movement Therapy.

Most recently I am a Mum of two beautiful, bright toddlers and although life is very full, I am excited to begin my work helping with the health and wholeness of my new Matakana community.

I know how it feels to be stretched physically and emotionally.  I am here to replenish your body, mind and soul, so that you can give to others from a place of wholeness and abundance.  

Massage Therapy

Combining my knowledge and expereince in anatomy based therapeutic and deep tissue therapy, as well as specialised myofascial release, I help to release pain and tension gathered in the body.


Through a collective of movement therapies including yoga, myofascial meridian therapy, pilates and meditation, I create an experience which brings alignment in the body for painfree movement and a deeper connection between body, mind and soul.

Energy Healing

My experience in India learning the art of energy work was rich and deeply spiritual.  The guru I studied under, showed me how to unblock chakras, meditate to align the energy of the body, and clear energetic pathways throughout the body to help with pain and tension in the physical and emotional bodies.

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How do I know what treatment is right for me?

A treatement with me may combine all of the above.  Alongside massage therapy it is important to strengthen and stretch the right parts of your body daily to create sustainable health.  Likewise, your physical body is inherently connected to your emotions and energetic body.  Before a session we will have a chat to decide what it is that you need.  In some cases we may focus soley on releasing physical tension through massage or yoga or both, and in other cases we may combine some meditations and chakra work to balance each layer.


Simply connect with me and we'll work on the best approach for you.

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